What is a

Bootcamps by nature are high-intensity technical programs that aim to provide true learning by building real-world applications. Whereas degree courses and self-taught coding present viable means of learning to program, boot camps boast several advantages.

You benefit from a solid foundation of basic programming skills in a few months and an easy introduction to foundational skills.

Why Let's Javascript

LET’S JAVASCRIPT’s coding bootcamp certification is granted by Cultivating Coders, an organization that has been recognized by the White House Tech Initiative under President Obama.

A coding bootcamp certification gives a student significant edge over other applicants with the same grades and same program of study when applying to a university or for a job.

Our curriculum has been approved by the State Board of Higher Education in California which has been rigorously developed in the US & Canada and further tested in the real-world.

We pack nearly 6 times* as much classroom instruction and hands-on training than a regular bootcamp of a similar duration. You’ll be monitored and mentored by the best further ensuring your job-readiness.

Our Goals

  • To provide high quality and high intensity technical training programs in emerging technologies.
  • Provide project oriented training that results in employment.
  • The introduction of coding skills in high schools and graduates.
  • The re-skilling and up-skilling of professionals already engaged in the I.T industry.
Our goal is to combine theoretical knowledge and needs of the I.T industry in our programs. In doing so, learners will be empowered knowing that their knowledge and skills are relevant and required. Jannat Grewal | Director - Let's Javascript

Jannat Kaur

Jannat was first introduced to the web through "Purple Moon", the first RPG for girls at the time. In no time she was soon banging away on Linux kernel and C++. She works through the stack with JavaScript and has been the head instructor at bootcamps led by Cultivating Coders, which has been recognized by the White House tech initiative and powered by Facebook, PNM and others.

Charles Ashley III

CEO Cultivating Coders. Cultivating Coders awarded New Mexico's most promising startup with backers like Microsoft, AT&T, Facebook, Pixegon and others. Cultivating Coders offers extreme high-tech training and has signifiant community outreach.

Divij Nanda

IOT Instructor. Divij graduated with an MBA and is an electrical engineer and runs his own business building smarts home, buildings and restaurants in Chandigarh and Delhi. Divij overseas the training of electrical and mechanical engineering students getting trained in I.T.

Karan Grewal

Senior Software Engineer. Karan has worked across various industries in and out of Silicon Valley and is a blockchain expert. Karan brings over 40+ years of experience in the I.T industry working as a full-stack developer. He is in charge of developing the curriculum for the blockchain and AI courses. Karan is a polygot and speaks many languages such as Erlang, GO, Python, JavaScript, C++ and Ruby.

Rajesh Jain

Rajesh is the communications head for Let's JavaScript! in India and the Middle East. He is a seasoned entreprenuer who brings his expertise in starting and scaling businesses. Rajesh is proactively involved in scaling Let's JavaScript and the strategic implementation of the emerging technologies in corporate projects.

Cultivating Coders

Cultivating Coders is an innovative and inclusive coding bootcamp that breaks down—and crosses—boundaries… literally. Instead of students coming to us, we take our bootcamp to them. Because greater reach means greater impact. And that’s worth traveling for.

Their Sponsors have been AT&T, Microsoft, Tech for America, PNM and Facebook and they are part of the White House tech initiative.

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